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Software Solutions

Bespoke software, controller software, digital hardware and software design.

Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Apps for Android and iOS

Software for Drones, Phones, and Automobiles

Turnkey Apps

Remote Logging, Graphing, Data Capture, and In-The-Field apps for deliveries and services.

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Control custom installations, e.g. art installations, dispensers, printers, video recorders, small factory equipment, karaoke machines, anything you can dream up

Industrial equipment Controllers

We work closely with hardware engineers to produce top quality software and firmware for our client's devices.

We create FRONTEND designs and BACKEND solutions, and can scale from 1 to 10,000 users with ease.

We work with Arduino, Atmel, Raspberry Pi, MODBUS, CANBUS, DBUS, XBUS, NEC, as well as proprietary protocols.

Infrared device controllers, Near Field sensors, small or large machinery.

We also create switching and monitoring systems for small or large scale industrial machinery

Home Automation

Turn your home into a high-tech, smart system, with lights and appliances that are under your remote control

Graphing and Analytics

We create dashboards for industry, commerce, and fintech, with real-time output and user-customization.

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