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Connect - A turnkey solution for Mobile Apps

Connect comprises two components: An app with many configurable modules, e.g. GPS, tracking, product and customer input, and a CMS that provides reports, operational maps, and accounting.

Connect is ideal for business that offer deliveries and products, as well as location-aware services like dog walking and house sitting.

Connect is a White-Label system that is tailored to your needs.

100% Customizable and upgradeable

The Connect App

Connect can be configured any number of ways, for example:

  • Delivery Tracker
  • Dog Walking Service
  • Home Sitting Service
  • Work Time Service
  • On-Site Insurance Claims
  • Plumbing / Electrician Job Management
  • Driver Management
  • Dating Service
  • Inspection Monitoring

Connect Admin & CMS (Content Management System)

The CMS / Back-Office, provides all the information you need to run the business. Sit back and relax as Connect generates everything you need automatically.

For fine tuning or custome reports, users can log in with different roles, such as database administrators, clerks, or accounting.

Admins and accountants can view captured information and quickly export it to a variety of formats like Excel, CSV, JSON

Admins can also add and edit jobs, and manage users (stakeholders, and operational entities).


  • Connect is delivered to you up and running and ready for business
  • No License fees - you own your own system end to end, including database and apps, and full source code
  • Live GPS Navigation
  • Live GPS Tracking
  • Automatically notify customers when drivers are on their way
  • Manages Users, Jobs, and Products
  • Live updates on every delivery/job status.
  • Live Operations Map
  • Backend runs on Windows or Linux


CONNECT is Currently available for Android, with iPhone/iOS coming soon.

Contact us to find out how we can install Connect on your existing hardware, or we can provide a ready-made cloud-based system accessible from anywhere.

Want a demo?

To gain access to the live demo, including apps, please contact us

Connect App configured as a food delivery service:

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