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A New Internet. In 3D. The size of the Universe. To Scale.

The largest GIS / Mapping / MMO / Client Server project in the world

The OPEN WORLD demo 0.1 ALPHA is available on GitHub under releases.

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A VR Universe for you to explore, build, and share.
Real people and real businesses in one massive online community.
Servers can host their own style of interaction, real world, fantasy, music, history, etc.
Go anywhere. Build a home. Build a shop. Sell things. Buy things. Meet people. Chat.

A VR art gallery. VR is a social space without distance limits. Maybe you'll meet the artist at the gallery!

The inherent problem with the current internet is that it's a list.
The list is for sale
Everyone is trying to get to the top of the list, even if that can be achieved by negative means.
A VR world is not a list, it more closely mimics the real world, and so people are less likely to try to subvert the list for their own promotion.
Instead, people build interesting sites for others to explore.

One of the riches lost in online marketplaces is that the discovery of adjacent markets is lost.
A website is a captive audience.
In a VR world, people can wander around and find things of interest, even things they would not normally
discover in a flat list website.

You do not need a server to run Open World, connect to any running server as you would a regular multiplayer game.
If you do want to run your own server, it's as easy as installing the software.
Each server contains a 1:1 universe.

A virtual shop in development. You will be able to order real food from VR space.


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